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Đọc Bài tập Word Form có đáp án - Tiếng Anh lớp 10 trên điện thoại


Giới thiệu về tài liệu

1. Exercise 1.
1. We had a very ________ evening in London last week ENJOY
2. He fell off his motorbike, but his _______ were not serious. INJURE
3. The family managed to get out of the burning house , but they lost nearly their ________POSSESS
4. He says he has no _______ of resigning INTEND
5. The crowd showed it _______ by shouting insults (lăng mạ) the players APPROVE
6. Dozens of _______ are injured on the city roads every year CYCLE
7. The company is not taking any new ______ this year EMPLOY
8. Kate is studying to become a _______ . LAW
9. Motor – racing is an extremely _____ sport. RISK
10. The duty of the police is the _____ of law and order. MAINTAIN
2. Exercise 2.
1. We have to keep our costs as small as possible. We have so many _____ trying to take our customers
2. Our tomatoes are ______ nicely: they will be ready to eat in about a week RIPE
3. He is very anxious about the _____ of his passport. LOSE
4. This organization is concerned about the ______ of the rain forest. DESTROY
5. Television is one the cheapest forms of _______ . ENTERTAIN
6. I was annoyed at his ______ to co – operate . REFUSE
7. Look at this picture of Bill and his father : you can see the ______ clearly, can‟t you? LIKE
8. Switzerland and Australia are both _______ countries. MOUTAIN
9. My brother lives in an attractive ______ part of Paris. RESIDE
10. He said good morning in a most _______ way. FRIEND

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